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The German artist Ute Lemper, universally recognized for her interpretations of Berlin Cabaret Songs, the works with Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht and her Broadway musicals performances, comes back to Germany, and on the occasion of the Max Mara 2020 fashion show in Berlin presents “Rendezvous with Marlene “, her famous monologue and very personal tribute to the iconic German actress.

In the picture Ute wears a Tuxedo, a classic of the male wardrobe reinterpreted respecting the Max Mara aesthetic codes in the Fall Winter 2019 Collection.

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Paris 1988, a phone, two women and three hours conversation. The show, at the Spiegelsaal in Berlin reveals that intimate phone call between Ute Lemper and Marlene Dietrich and goes through the story of a woman, an actress and an icon of the 20th century. A perfrmance which reveals also the most intimate confessions, the anxieties and the loves of the legendary Marlene through the notes of the songs that have marked her life.

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"Marlene Dietrich was an inspiration to many generations of women. She was progressive and emancipated in times when women were not allowed to have the last word."

“Marlene had a relaxed way about the provocative element in her style. She was at ease messing with traditions and gender. Wearing a man's suit, smoking a cigarette flirting with a woman was just as natural to her as wearing a most glamorous evening gown of haute couture while being adored by the men.”

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"Privately I enjoy very much to wear an easy look that is no gender. Of course I also like the glamorous style that is classic and retro for my professional appearance."

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