Max Mara Tailleur Sartoriale

Acknowledging the timeless modernity that only authentically classic items manage to possess, Max Mara is launching a sartorial clothing project, with the canvassed jacket at its heart. The excellence of the tailoring, the attention to the cut, the use of a canvas lining, the hand stitching and the choice of an array of impeccable fabrics take the form of essential, versatile items with an understated charm. This vital concept manifests itself in the 345 minutes of work required: twice the amount of time it takes to produce a standard jacket.

To chic fabrics

The heart of the Tailoring project is the constant search for raw materials of the highest quality. For Spring/Summer 2022, the focus is on seven double-breasted and single-breasted styles. The distinctive addition this season is the super-soft jacket: canvassed yet deconstructed, almost as light as a shirt, it is made of wool and silk basketweave.

The various Collection fabrics meet the needs of different occasions: mohair wool basketweave; wool, silk and linen chevron; wide and narrow pinstripes in wool fabric.

The harmonious colour scheme ranges from classic shades of ivory, off-white and camel to pink, periwinkle and fuchsia, via lemon yellow and aqua.

Tailored to Perfection

Sartoriale Ss20 65 Max Mara
Sartoriale Ss20 15 Max Mara
Sartoriale Ss20 45 Max Mara

The Max Mara Tailleur Sartoriale collection is now in store

Look for your nearest store where you can take the opportunity to preview the garments and feel the quality of the new Max Mara Tailleur Sartoriale project for yourself.

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